When richly experienced professionals who possess a deep understanding of marketing for digital products came together, Jupiter Media d.o.o. was constituted.

Since then, Jupiter Media has carved a name in the industry as a provider of path breaking solutions. From software to internet, from sales to marketing – we set up winning solutions for our local and global clients.

Does your business require our pioneering solutions too? Let’s meet and set it up!

Our Vision

We work keeping our basic tenet in mind: To ensure the interest and satisfaction of our clients – always. So that the client becomes the most valued element in our business.

Therefore, our operations are characterized by:
• Hard work, so that the complete flow – right from Project Identification to Follow-up – is systematic and oozes with intensity
• Thorough work, so that the client experiences nothing but pure, professional service
Our extra focus on “value-added” aspects of services – like, availability, reliability, trustworthiness, and last, but not the least, after-sales service – differentiates us from other players in the industry.  Like them, we don’t just measure the client’s satisfaction from the outcome of the sale: we include an array of parameters that shape client’s satisfaction.

Advantage Jupiter Media

If you choose Jupiter Media, you would be dealing with:
• A team of experienced professionals who have honed their skills in sales and marketing not just in Europe but worldwide
• A company that has wide-ranging undertakings and collaborations all over Europe and Asia
• And last but most importantly, a team that takes pride in not only delivering winning solutions but also achieving complete satisfaction of our clients through our determined value-added and after sales service

Jupiter Media User Agreement

If necessary, you may download, read and sign the Jupiter Media User Agreement here:

Jupiter Media User Agreement